Wholesale Phone and Data Service


Virtual ISP is your source for wholesale internet broadband and whoesale phone service. As a Virtual ISP reseller, you can offer your customers broadband internet connections and cell phone service in most areas of the US.

WIFI Phone Service

Now you can offer your customers superior phone service from any location served by WiFi (Office, Home, Hotel, Restaurant) anywhere in the world.
As cell phone carriers move into 4G LTE service, huge numbers of older 3G smartphones are now becoming available. These devices make perfect WiFi phones and they are available for under $75.

Our under $10 phone plan provides unlimited talk, text and data.

And you can choose optional phone coverage plans for Mexico, Central America, South America, and Europe.

Cell Phone Service

If you need traditional cell phone service, we’ve got you covered.

We have a variety of used, reconditioned, and new smartphones starting under $100.

And a service plan to suit every need from $19.95 a month.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband service provides data connectivity to the internet anywhere T-Mobile Cell Service is available. This means you can get on the internet anywhere (home, office, on a train, on a bus).

Each account includes our proprietary data compression system, which allows us to offer high traffic levels at reasonable prices.

Each account also can have up to 5 email addresses, either at our domain or a domain that you provide.

No Contract

No Contract is Required. All Virtual ISP services are offerd on a no-contract basis. You can deactivate an account at any time with no penalty. And you do not need to agree to 2 years of service to get started.

So, call us today at 1-800-364-6603 for more information about getting started.