Wireless Broadband – No Contract Required


Virtual ISP is your source for wholesale internet broadband connectivity. As a Virtual ISP reseller, you can offer your customers broadband internet connections in most areas of the US.

Connections to the internet are made wirelessly, using a small modem and the world class Sprint 3G network. Download speeds for Sprint 3G: 600 kbps – 1.4 mbps

Service levels come in variety of data plans, ranging from 1.5GB per month to 10GB per month. Wholesale prices start at $9.99 per month. (No Setup Charges and No Long Term Contract Required) You are free to set your own prices for your customers.

No Contract is Required. You can deactivate an account at any time with no penalty. And you do not need to agree to 2 years of service to get started.

Each account includes our proprietary data compression system, which allows us to offer high traffic levels at reasonable prices.

Each account also can have up to 5 email addresses, either at our domain or a domain that you provide.

So, call us today at 1-800-364-6603 for more information about getting started.