Wholesale Internet Connection Service

Who needs wireless broadband?

There are many in the US who live in rural areas without cable or DSL broadband service. Often these folks have no internet service at all, or are reduced to maintaining their old dialup connection.

There are also a group of potential customers who require an internet connection while traveling.

Check out this report from the FCC to see how vast this market is.

You can Resell Wireless Broadband!

Leverage your existing business, or just make better use of your spare time by becoming a wireless reseller. Sell all of our products and services in your existing store or over the internet. No investment required.

You can register as a dealer right now, with no cash out of pocket, and get access to our dealer portal, with dealer prices on wireless modems and monthly no-contract service plans.

Virtual ISP is your source for wholesale internet broadband. As a Virtual ISP reseller, you can offer your customers broadband internet connections in most areas of the US.

Wireless Broadband

T-Mobile 4G HotSpot Z64
Wireless Broadband service provides data connectivity to the internet anywhere T-Mobile or AT&T Cell Service is available. This means you can get on the internet anywhere (home, office, on a train, on a bus).

Each account also can have up to 5 email addresses, either at our domain or a domain that you provide.


How It Works

The wireless modem connects to the internet through a local cell tower. It then transmits a WIFi internet signal throughout the user’s house or office. The user can connect to the interent with any WiFi enabled device (tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc.)

No Contract

No Contract is Required. All Virtual ISP services are offerd on a no-contract basis. You can deactivate an account at any time with no penalty. And you do not need to agree to 2 years of service to get started.

So, call us today at 1-888-720-1089 for more information about getting started. Or register now.