Cell Phone Service – Changing to T-Mobile

We are very happy to announce that we are switching to T-Mobile for our cell phone and mobile broadband service on all new accounts. Don’t worry; your Sprint accounts will continue to work.

One of the principal reasons for this change is speed. In tests conducted by PC Magazine of the four major US cellular providers, T-Mobile had by far the fastest download speeds on their 3G network:
8.6 Mb/s vs Sprint’s 0.7 Mb/s. Since 3G is the most widely available service in the US, and since 3G equipment is considerable cheaper than 4G equipment, this difference is killer.

But, even on 4GLTE, the premier network service in the US, it’s 16.8 Mb/s for T-Mobile vs 6.8 Mb/s for Sprint.

But there is another great advantage to using T-Mobile for cell phones: their phones are GSM, not CDMA like Sprint. This doesn’t make much difference in the US, but, if you travel outside the US, it is much easier to use a GSM phone in other countries. (GSM is the standard throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.)

This change also means that we will have a greater array of cell phones available, including the new BLU and POSH phones.