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WIFI Phone Service

Why pay for cell phone service that you don’t need? If you spend most of your day in an area serviced by wifi, you may be able to kick the cell phone carrier and save a bundle. With a WiFi phone, you can make phone calls, send text messages, view

New Look

We have upgraded from our old blog format to something of a new look. As we move forward from 3g wireless to 4g wireless, you are going to find the opportunities pretty exciting. We expect that download speeds of up to 8Mb/sec will be available. We will be using the

Tethered or WIFI

Virtual ISP wireless broadband connections can be utilized in two ways: Tethered Connection In tethered mode, you connect your wireless modem directly to a computer USB port. Connection control software can be downloaded directly from the memory of the modem. Once installed, it is “one click” to connect through the

Terms & Conditions

These internet servers are owned and operated by Novatrope, Inc. (herinafter Novatrope). Your agreement for internet services is strictly with Novatrope and no other party is authorized to mdofiy the following terms in any way. Novatrope will supply network connectivity, voice service, text messaging, email accounts, and access to our